What is Shoot day

What “Shoot day” Means to a Video Crew

Aaron Hurlburt Marketing, Video Production

It’s SHOOT DAY! These are exciting words to video teams. It’s worth celebrating every time because it takes a lot of work to get to this day. Many cups of coffee, many discussions with clients about their goals, visions and dreams. There were contracts to be signed, hands to be shaken, shot lists and story boards, scripts and revised scripts …

Tampa Marketing Company

Tampa Marketing Company shares why video marketing is important

Aaron Hurlburt Marketing, Video Production

You are already aware that video is a very popular way to communicate. Since moving images jumped off the television screen and onto desktops, tablets and phones everywhere, it seems you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone watching a video. But have you seen the numbers? From a report by a very highly respected authority, Adobe, In 2014, people …