How to Get Lynda For Free in Tampa

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Big News for those who love to learn: If you live in Hillsborough County you can get for free. Readers in other cities, stay tuned. There may be a solution for you, too.

I went to a class on database marketing a couple of weeks ago at John F. Germany library in downtown Tampa and I learned about a couple of great free resources.

The class was moderated by a gentleman from Info USA. I learned that if you have a library card, access to Info USA is FREE. Info USA is a database of addresses for businesses that can be used for direct mail of marketing brochures, etc., so having access to it for free is pretty cool. I’ll write a blog post later on ways to make money with Info USA. But I learned something more exciting that made me say “YAY” out loud, to the bemusement of the teacher. Who thought I was the nerd I am.

If you have a Hillsborough County library card, access to is FREE!! I have been paying for Lynda, so this saved me some cash right away. It was worth the price of admission which was my time, parking at the Straz, and paying off some old late fees to get my library card back in good standing. And, if you don’t live in Hillsborough County, you can pay around $100 for a library card, which is less expensive than paying for Lynda for 4-5 months.

The only thing I had to do after that was to figure out how it works. I thought I would share the process to make it easy for you.

Getting Free Lynda

You will need your library card number and a password. Your default password is the last four digits of your phone number associated with your account.  If you want to change your password:

  • Go to
  • Click on my account (upper right corner of the Hills library home page) to update your information.
  • Add your library card number and click on create user. (HINT: If you store your library card number in your contacts, you can copy and paste it instead of typing it in every time.)
  • Add your pertinent info and save.
  • Hey, did you know you could search for music and books on this site? Cool!

Here’s the way to Get Lynda For FreeLynda For Free

  • To get to, go to the main library site at
  • Hover over learning and research on the nav bar and click on online classes.
  • Click on
  • Enter your library card number and password.


You’re in!

NOTE: When you want to return to, start by going to the Hillsborough County library site, not It remembers where you were the last time you were in the

OUT OF TOWNERS: You can pay for a Hillsborough County library card to gain access to all services. Or, check with your local library to see if they have a similar offer.

Have fun learning lots of great info on, but beware- it’s addicting!

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