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Where should you shoot your business video

Aaron Hurlburt Tips, Video Production

business videoOne of the most important decisions to make when producing a business video, is the location for the shoot.

The answer depends on the subject, the talent, what the goals are for the video and other factors. It’s really important to focus on the story that’s being told and message you want to convey to the people who will see the video. Then you can figure out what the best shooting environment would be.

Most marketing and promotional videos are shot on location. That is, they are shot in the environment of the business that’s being featured. If the point of the video is to help tell your story or your businesses’ story, you should show people your business.

Video has the power of allowing people to get to know you or to know something about your company before they meet you or visit your location.

By giving potential customers a glimpse of you and your associates at work in your store, office or surroundings, you come across as real people who are hard at work providing services for their customers. Not someone in front of a white screen or green screen selling something, (which may be the best background for a product demo or sales video).

Showing consumers a behind the scenes glimpse of who you are lets them feel more confident about doing business with you.
It can also take less time out of a busy person’s day if we come to you instead of having you come to us. After proper planning, we can come in with lights, cameras, gels, and plants to dress up any space to make it look like an attractive set. Yes, plants. In the article is a photo of a medical practitioner’s office we dressed up with palm fronds from a tree in my front yard, a heavy vase, a skeleton model we found in his office and good lighting. We made a doctor’s office waiting room look spectacular.
We need about an hour to bring all the equipment we’ll need in to the site, put the cameras together, set up lighting, dress the set, test the sound, test the cameras and get our thoughts together. Then our talent, (that’s you or one of your work associates) can come in and get to work with us.
There can be benefits to shooting in a studio. If you don’t have an office or space that is suitable for videotaping, a studio can be an easy and quick way to get a video shot . There can also be less distraction or interruptions than at work. But we can shoot in the evenings or on weekends if that’s a problem. And, sometimes having lights and cameras at work can be a fun and exciting change of pace. As long as everyone knows why the lights and cameras are there, we can keep disruptions and distractions to a minimum.
Even if the video is shot in a room with you at your desk, it helps tell your story. It says, “Here’s a hard working person with family photos and a good place to work.” It helps you connect with your audience.
Shooting on location and not in a huge studio also keeps costs down. That makes your videos less expensive. Sound good to you?
Call us for a free consultation to determine what the best environment would be for your video shoot. We’ll work with you to choose the best environment for the message you want to convey.
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