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Tampa Marketing Company shares why video marketing is important

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Tampa Marketing Company shares why video marketing is 43% more important than ever

Tampa Marketing CompanyYou are already aware that video is a very popular way to communicate. Since moving images jumped off the television screen and onto desktops, tablets and phones everywhere, it seems you can’t swing a cat without hitting someone watching a video. But have you seen the numbers?

From a report by a very highly respected authority, Adobe, In 2014, people watched video online 43% more than they did the previous year. This is a huge number, people! Not ten percent or twenty percent more, which would have been big increases.  43% more. Yikes.

And the way they watch videos has changed, too.

  • People are watching video more on their phones than on their desktop or laptop computers.
  • The number of viewers of free online videos and online TV is reaching new levels every quarter.

What does this mean for marketers? From the Adobe report:

“Opportunity: Online video has become part of our lives as a primary entertainment medium. Producers, developers, and marketers need creative solutions for integrating their content into online videos.’

This means we need to get out in front of the wave and learn how to put our marketing messages where people  are going to be. Watching a small screen in their hands or their laps.

Why are video ad views on the rise?

  • Video is entertaining.
  • It tells a story quickly.
  • It makes a person or product more ‘real’ than just reading about them or seeing pictures.
  • It gets more information across in a shorter amount of time.
  • It is easier and less expensive to produce than ever before, because people’s tolerance for the quality of costly video that is not produced Hollywood or New York has gone through the roof.

A video marketing message doesn’t have to be expensively produced. It doesn’t have to be done in a studio. It can be a simple message delivered clearly and professionally.

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Nancy Summers is the founder and Chief Idea Officer of Veranos Resources, a video production and marketing services company in Tampa, FL.  She works closely with her clients to create great content to attract and retain customers, employees, audiences and attention. “We turn ideas into campaigns that provide results. We provide a full suite of traditional and digital marketing services and we specialize in producing beautiful videos.” Contact her at nsummers@veranosresources.com.