10 reasons why it is important to have video on your website

Nancy Summers Marketing

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You’ve experienced the powerful impact video has on website visitors and you may not have realized it. Imagine this scenario to see if you agree.

You are searching for a new service or product and you are comparing two companies by looking at their  websites. One has video content on the home page and the other one does not.

Which site is more interesting? Which one makes you want to learn more about the company? The one with the video, right?

Video makes sites “sticky.” People will spend more time on a site if there’s a video to watch than if there isn’t.

Video is the currency of communication. Consumers expect you to have video content on your site because so many sites have it now. Here are ten reasons why it is important to have video on your website:

  1. Video allows you to tell your story, to connect with people and leave a lasting impression. No business has the same backstory yours does, so tell your story to help set your business apart from your competition.
  2. Video helps sell. A study by online video creation site, Animoto, shows that 73% of people surveyed are more likely to buy a product or service if they watch a video that explains the product.
  3. People like the help videos offer them when deciding what to buy. From the same Animoto study, 96% of people surveyed said they found videos helpful for making purchase decisions.
  4. Video content has a long shelf life. A well-produced video is good for about two years before you’ll need to refresh it with an updated one. One of our clients, BayCare Healthcare, has videos on their site we produced for them four years ago that are still relevant, useful and interesting.
  5. Video sets you apart from your competitors. If your competitors don’t have video on their site you will have an advantage. Or, if they do have video on their sites, your having video, too, helps level the playing field.
  6. The videos that run on your website can be re-purposed on several other sites, creating a consistent brand message. A video can appear on your YouTube channel, Vimeo, your Facebook page, it can be used in a presentation, linked to from an email message or sent as a link to one specific customer. You can get a lot of mileage out of one video.
  7. Video helps your website get found online. Video marketing experts can help your video get found more easily by google and other search engines.
  8. People love to watch videos, and 65% of viewers watch more than ¾ of a video.
  9. Having a video on your website makes a big splash for not a lot of money. Contrary to some people’s beliefs, you don’t have to spend $10,000 to get a good video produced. A great business profile video can be created for around $2,000.
  10. Video helps create brand awareness and it is a reflection of your brand. Your video’s production quality should equal the level of professionalism, polish and status of your company’s brand identity.

If you don’t video on your website, you are not taking advantage of the most impactful form of marketing communication available to you.

These aren’t the only reasons you should have video content on your website, but this list is a good start. Give consumers what they want; give them video!


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Nancy Summers is the founder of Veranos Resources, a video production and marketing company in Tampa, FL. She can be reached by calling 813-335-4756 or through the company website at www.veranosresources.com.