Ten great blog post creation tips from WordCamp Tampa 2015

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At Word Camp 2015 in Tampa on October 26,   Aaron Weiss from Tampa SEO Training Academy talked about the importance of developing good habits when creating blog posts. WordCamp was a festival of great information, and people who gave the many smart presentations shared lots of good resources, shortcuts, timesavers, ideas, wake-up calls, tricks and tips.

Aaron’s checklist was especially interesting to me. Checklists for repetitive tasks are beneficial for several reasons. They save time, they allow you to document processes so you can change or improve upon them in the future, and you get a real sense of accomplishment when you check off that last item on the list. And, most importantly, they help you develop good habits. Task lists can be extremely valuable proprietary information, like my company’s checklist for optimizing videos for search, or they can be shared with a community of people to better everyone’s skills. That’s what Aaron did this week. I’m sure he doesn’t share everything for free that he does at Tampa SEO Academy because that’s how he makes a living, but I really appreciate him sharing his checklist for creating good blog posts.

Here are ten great blog post creation tips I got from his presentation:

  1. Do your keyword research first, but write for humans. SEM Rush is a great tool to see what keywords your competitors are optimizing for.
  2. Use keyword rich anchor text to link content in your posts to other content on your site.
  3. If you link out to other websites make sure they are high-value sites, and open them in a separate window.
  4. Write the title for your post after you have written the content, keeping keywords in mind.
  5. Write post titles that are not sensational but still create a sense of urgency.
  6. Install Yoast SEO and use as many of the 156 characters allowable for the meta description of your post.
  7. Disable stop words in Yoast SEO tools (words like a, the, in, at, etc.).
  8. Your page title can be different from your blog post title, and it should be between 50-70 characters.
  9. Yoast also allows you to write special headings social sharing sites like Google+, Twitter and Facebook to get your posts found more easily.
  10. Hire an editor to make sure your content looks good before you publish.

You can see Aaron’s presentation here, on his website. Thanks, Aaron!




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