What is Shoot day

What “Shoot day” Means to a Video Crew

Aaron Hurlburt Marketing, Video Production

What is Shoot dayIt’s SHOOT DAY! These are exciting words to video teams. It’s worth celebrating every time because it takes a lot of work to get to this day.
Many cups of coffee, many discussions with clients about their goals, visions and dreams. There were contracts to be signed, hands to be shaken, shot lists and story boards, scripts and revised scripts to be written. Gear to be packed, making sure the smallest piece of gear is not left behind.
Everyone is excited about what will happen on shoot day.

It means there’s work to be done, and that’s what dedicated video teams live for. Gear to be schlepped, clients to be pleased, cameras to be assembled on site, tested, tried out. VIDEO to be shot. It’s the rallying cry of the video crew, large or small.

The Magic Is About To Begin! It’s Shoot Day!

It means it’s SHOWTIME, time to put all your skills to work, anticipate what could go right and wrong, and look forward to the end of the day, the wrap, whether the crew is one person or many, large budgets or small. We are doing what clients are happy to pay us for on shoot day.

We agreed on a concept and the call to action. We believe we have done everything it will take to make the client happy and make their vision come to life. We work around the challenges and the unexpected, because something unexpected almost always happens.

The magic is in the happenstance. When the talent has the idea to take off their shoes and kick their heels up in Times Square at midnight. When the talent feels comfortable enough to look in the camera and make that face. When we catch on camera a wrinkled nose or the uncontrolled laughter of a person who feels sublimely free, like they are not on camera at all.
Sure, we planned it that way all along. “Did you get that?” the producer whispers.

And in the end, it all went well and it’s time to deconstruct the gear and take it all home. Don’t get burned by the hot lights. Wrap up the cords like Ben taught you to, so it all comes undone with a throw the next time. Turn the knobs, the screws, don’t lose track of the small pieces, zip up the bags, put it all in the kits it came in for the next shoot.
Get it all in the vehicle or the hotel van, the reverse of the way you packed it in. If we’re not too tired or if it’s not too late, head to the bar for that much deserved beverage.

“It’s shoot day!” These are magic words to the ears of customers, shooters, grips, producers, directors, sound guys, and the rest of the crew. It’s time to do the work we love.

Nancy Summers is the founder and Chief Idea Officer of Veranos Resources, a video production and marketing services company in Tampa, FL.  She works closely with her clients to create great content to attract and retain customers, employees, audiences and attention. “We turn ideas into campaigns that provide results. We provide a full suite of traditional and digital marketing services and we specialize in producing beautiful videos.” Contact her at nsummers@veranosresources.com.