Traditional Marketing


Our careers in marketing began before computers changed everything!

We value the tried and true forms of marketing that have been performing and producing results for many years. The yellow pages may have gone by the wayside, but other forms of traditional marketing are still going strong. We have relationships with leaders in the traditional media business who help us stay on top of what’s new and most importantly, what’s working for their clients.


Traditional Marketing Services:

Marketing Campaign Analysis- When was the last time you evaluated all of your marketing efforts and determined what was working and what wasn’t? Do you have all marketing information in one place? We recently found money one of our clients didn’t know they were spending on marketing services. We were able to re-purpose the resources into a different marketing effort that provided better results.

Marketing Campaign Development and Implementation- We work with companies who don’t have marketing staff on site, or those who need extra people to help their busy marketing departments. We can research what the best marketing campaign would be for your brand, product or service and implement it for you, allowing you to focus on running your business or department.

Media Buying – We have bought traditional media for clients for many years including newspaper and magazine advertising, broadcast television, billboards, radio and direct mail. We know how to get the best rates, and we can save you money and time.

Public Relations – We have worked with many clients to help with PR campaigns. We have great relationships with local media champions and we can help create and distribute press releases that get their attention.

We can help with these and many other marketing tasks including:

Logo and brand development, new business or new location launches, event marketing, event planning and trade show marketing.


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